Cryotherapy is gaining popularity as one of the most efficient recovery methods.
Mycal Anders, MS,CSCS of Cryo PHX out of Crossfit PHX gives an EXCELLENT description of the cryo experience below.  Check it out!!
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The Hype Behind Cryo: Happy Freezing

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is all the rage on the recovery scene right now. It is celebrated by celebrities and professional athletes alike for its benefits and increasing performance and well-being. Many, however, don’t know what it is or how it works. 

My intention here is to give the laymen’s version of the how, and emphasize the what.

WBC comes in a couple different genres. Most commonly that I’ve seen are the tubular chambers outfitted for a single person at a time. The other is a “cry-sauna”, which is exactly like it sounds. It is a really cold room.



A single session goes something like this:

A client will stop in for treatment and our technician will ask them a few investigatory questions: How are you? How are you feeling? Any aches/pains? How has your training been this week? Etc… We’ll do the same for folks that are in for their ‘first freeze” as well, and they’ll fill out a comprehensive waiver that asks for all the pertinent information, so we are able to determine whether they are fit for treatment or not.

Once the waiver, and Q&A are complete,  we then prepare each client for treatment. We provide a robe and dry socks. A client is placed in the room and asked to disrobe to a level they feel comfortable. Most women enter the chamber completely naked, men, in compression shorts. The minimal requirements: dry socks, dry skin.

As they are stripping to their desired bareness, the machine will be cooling from room temperature to roughly -115, as liquid nitrogen vapor is pushed around the chamber in 5-8 second bursts. Once at temperature, our clients get in the chamber, and hand over the robe to our technician. The machine will continue to cool, to anywhere from -250 to -270 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes. The chamber will clear, the session is over, and our clients get dressed and feel awesome!

What happened in that 180 seconds while our clients freeze their ass off? The simple science of it is this: when subjected to cold temperatures, the body will innately enter a state of survival, in which blood flow is driven to the core to ensure that vital organs are able to function properly despite the cold. In nature, your body would rather give up an arm to frostbite, than to experience kidney failure due to extreme temperatures. As a result, your limbs and joints experience an immediate anti-inflammatory response, and are temporarily deprived of adequate blood flow. 

Once the treatment is complete, and our clients step back into room temperature, they experience a flush of blood flow to the extremities. As blood has been running a tight loop through the core for the past 3 minutes, it is now oxygen and nutrient enriched. This blood flow rushes to oxygenate any and all damaged tissues as well as expedite the recovery process from training or previous injury. Above and beyond the performance benefits, their is a natural collagen release that many of our clients enjoy, as it tightens the skin, and increases its suppleness.

Our clients have experienced positive results across a broad spectrum of issues from increased muscle recovery, decreased fatigue, decreased inflammation and joint pain, betterment of mood as a result of increased endorphins, improved metabolism, subsiding of tendonitis, and so much more. 

WBC is akin to massage therapy in the sense that the more often and consistent you do it, the effects compound and increase in efficacy.

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